Our Story

The Feathered Head is the passion of Owner/Designer Andie Cohen-Healy.  As a later-in-life bride, Andie did not want mundane, assembly line "bridal-blah" to be a part of her special day.   She desired something different, something that would stand out and reflect her personality and self-assurance.  Since she and her husband adored their five spoiled pet chickens, and knowing that people have incorporated their dogs and cats into their weddings, she wanted to honor the "girls” in some way that wouldn’t leave people laughing hysterically.  She first thought of carrying a bouquet of their feathers down the aisle.  Then the "Eureka!" moment.  Why not fashion their beautiful, colorful plumes into a bridal headpiece in place of a veil?”  She was sure she could create something both elegant and meaningful.  Utilizing the artistic and technical skills she gained in advertising at Leo Burnett Co. in Chicago, and as Director of Satellite Operations at MTV Networks in NYC, she crafted a chicken/ostrich feather, organza and pearl fascinator so personal and fun people went crazy (shown below, and available as the "Annie" piece on this site).  Receiving so many compliments sparked the idea of making one-of-a-kind hair ornaments for other brides and party-goers.  Surely, she thought, there must be other women who want something just as unique to reflect who they are.  Thus, The Feathered Head was born, along with the mission to make women look and feel singularly beautiful.  After one of her restored vintage hats was featured on The Today Show during the Royal Wedding, the newly hatched "feather artisan" left her career in television behind and never looked back. Thank you, chickens, for reminding us to be open to serendipity (however odd it may seem)! 

A graduate of Northwestern University, Andie lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband, Hugh.  When not bent over a table filled with feathers and vintage jewelry, she studies Japanese Taiko drumming and has toured internationally with her troupe, Makoto Taiko.  In her spare time she tends to her flock of six hens, Tippy, Paisley, Pixel, Luna, 'Zilla and Partybird, while continuing to be bossed around by them.

  Andie Cohen Healy The Feathered Head Wedding Bridal Feather Fascinator                           

  Andie Cohen Healy The Feathered Head photo


Our original inspirations and contributors to the bridal headpiece (Ginger, MaryAnne, Lucy, Quark and Ricki, left to right):