Get ready to get your Dapper on! We’re popping up our shop again at Dapper Day Expo for 2 fabulous days at the Disneyland Hotel on April 21 & 22. Dress in style as you shop til you drop! Vintage hats, fascinators, accessories and more! For more info on tix and scheduling, go to Dapperday. com 💜

The Feathered Head at Disney Dapper Day Expo Disneyland Hotel Vintage Hats Fascinators The Feathered Head at Disney Dapper Day Expo Disneyland Hotel Vintage Hats Fascinators

NEXT UP: Dapper Day at Disneyland Hotel!

Prepare for a shopping extravaganza at Disney's Dapper Day Expo and Fall Soirée! Dapper Day celebrates the tradition of stepping out in style and we just love helping our clients complete their outfits! And "Dapper" doesn't just mean vintage...all sophisticated fashions from vintage classics to contemporary chic are welcome. Last February's show blew our socks off and we sold out of almost everything we brought. But we're setting up shop once again on Sept 18 & 19 at the Disneyland Hotel Exhibit Hall and debuting our even-better-than-ever Fall Collection of vintage hats, sparkly fascinators, feathered accessories and much, much more! For more info on tickets, locations, etc., go to www.DapperDay.com


LA Weekly features The Feathered Head at Disney Dapper Day!

Wow...we were so excited to have The Feathered Head's booth featured in LA Weekly's write up and slide show with scenes from Disney's Dapper Day!  We sold out of almost all of our pieces so we're already gearing up in preparation for the even bigger Fall event.  Get ready for a whole new selection of fabulous hand-crafted and lovingly restoring headpieces and vintage hats.  The feathers are flying!  Go to LAWEEKLY.com to see the fun scenes from Dapper Day!