What a bride chooses to wear on her head on her wedding day is a reflection of what's in her heart and who she is at her core. At The Feathered Head, we believe in celebrating this spirit of individuality by offering one-of-a-kind headpieces, including fascinators, headbands, hats, combs, tiaras and veils, that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Our Bridal Collection consists of three types of headpieces: 1) lovingly restored vintage hair ornaments, 2) those hand-crafted from scratch, incorporating textural embellishments such as feathers, vintage jewelry, Swarovski crystals and 3) unique wedding hair accessories selectively and responsibly sourced from around the world. We're so proud of our Collection and hope you will find the perfect bridal headpiece. But if not, simply let us know and we'll customize one to your specifications.